One to One Dog Training

Some dogs are not comfortable in class environments or perhaps you want to be able to tailor sessions to your needs.  Either way, one to one training sessions provide an opportunity for you to build on the relationship with your dog in a relaxed environment that is suitable for both of you and at a time that works for you.

One to One training sessions available from £40 per hour, Initial assessment required first, contact Gemma to discuss

Basic Skills

These sessions are great for teaching basic skills such as sit, down, stay and working on recall. One to one sessions provide this training at a time and place that suits you and your dog.

Polite Pooches

Does your dog have some bad habits? Like jumping up, barking at the door or chewing the furniture. One to one training allows us to tackle these problems in the environment that they actually take place resulting in greater success.

Reactive Dogs

Lots of dogs react to different things in a way we would prefer they wouldn’t such as chasing cyclists, lunging  or barking at other dogs or people and a multitude of other triggers. One to one sessions allow us to work together in the situations that cause your dog to react to lessen the reaction and find solutions to the problem.

Fearful Dogs

Dogs are fearful for lots of different reasons, particularly if they have come from a rescue situation, one to one sessions provide a safe environment for you and your dog to build confidence together.

Aggressive Dogs

Dogs can show an aggressive response for a number of reasons, this could be around food or toys or when disturbed from rest. Perhaps your dog is showing aggression to visitors to the house or strangers on walks. 1-2-1 training can help you understand the reasons for this behaviour and how to change it.

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