​My heartfelt thanks to Gemma for her support throughout the last 2 years! Only a few days ago she helped me deal with emotional turmoil after Patch had bitten my husband’s finger, a huge disappointment following months of bonding between them.
Thanks to Gemma’s encouragement we were able to enjoy a wonderful walk together today as if nothing nasty had ever happened. Gemma really knows the ups and downs of owning a reactive dog and her sensitive support, as well as training expertise, have been invaluable. Looking forward to our next session!


Gemma is an absolute star. She’s been helping me with my crazy border collie puppy for a few months now and the improvement in him has been huge. She had the patience of a saint and has never given up on Loki (or me when I’ve been in despair!) The techniques she uses are so positive and my puppy loves when she comes to see him. Gemma truly loves dogs and will bend over backwards to help them and their owners to be the best doggies possible! She’s always been on hand when I’ve had questions and the fact she has her own border collies shows, as she understands them so well! Gemma will tailor the training plan to your situation so you have better chance at success which is so helpful. I’ll be forever grateful for the difference Gemma has made to our lives and highly recommend her.

​For the last 9 months, Gemma has been helping me to train and manage my adopted 5-year-old Jack Russell Terrier. Though I had read lots of books on dog behaviour, I turned to her for hands-on guidance which has been invaluable!

Gemma shares her extensive knowledge and experience with great enthusiasm and is methodical yet flexible in her approach. She has helped me read my dog’s body language, giving useful feedback on my interaction with him and many other hints and tips. She also involved her own dogs in training set-ups to help with dog-dog socialization.
Gemma’s patience and positive outlook are great assets when dealing with a reactive dog and rookie owner (both as impatient as each other ;-)). There’s more work to be done and I’m looking forward to doing it with Gemma’s cheerful support. Highly recommended!


Recently just moved to Louth, and at the moment don’t have the time to spend with my four year old border collie to take for long walks, so started using the NaughtyPup service, and it’s been phenomenal, they took my dog and during the walking sessions they play, walk, do obedience training, whatever you need they do!! Gemma is very friendly, with a great knowledge of dogs and is really helpful in giving you tips and hints to get the best out of your pooch. Very highly recommended!!

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