About the Dog Know How family

My first dog Jack was always an easy dog, since we found each other over 18 years ago he barely put a foot wrong.  Easy to train, mostly impeccably well behaved and my dog in a million who I only wished could have lived forever.
We added Trim to our family as a mate for Jack, having come from a farming background she was already 5 years old and had some problems adjusting to a life living in town, we also believe she had been mistreated by her previous owner, although all of her issues only became apparent over time.

JJ (Jack Junior) is the product of the two, planned for and desperately wanted, but not at all what I expected. In his first few years JJ showed very little of his dad’s amazing temperament and as a result posed a number of challenges I wasn’t prepared for. He was the catalyst for me finally embarking on a career working with animals that I had wanted since growing up on a farm as a child.

JJ is a sensitive soul who finds some things that the world presents difficult to handle, that combined with a spinal condition (Scoliosis) that causes him discomfort means that he can react in a way that humans regard as inappropriate. If we were to label JJ he would be called reactive or fear aggressive.  It is JJ that has made me want to help others with their dogs, as I see every day how much can be changed with a little understanding. 

​So whether you have an easy, gentle dog that you want to teach a couple of things, a rescue that needs help adapting to a change in environment and teaching to trust you, or a reactive or fear aggressive dog I am here to help.  I only use force free methods that allow your dog to make choices and encourage them to make the right decisions. ​Changing a dogs behaviour is not a quick fix, whatever you want to achieve will take time, and although we may be able to teach a new trick in one session, emotional problems such as those that Trim and JJ have need a step by step approach and improvements are seen gradually, but they are possible and so rewarding.

Qualifications and Achievements:

  • Bsc Hons Animal Behaviour and Welfare (First Class)
  • APBC Provisional Member *
  • Certified Dog Fit Instructor
  • Certificate in Post compulsory education and training (Cert Ed)
  • 15+ years teaching experience
  • 5 years working in dog rescue
  • Ba Hons Applied Business Management
  • Inspirational Animal Studies Student of the Year 2020
  • Certificate in canine first aid
  • DBS checked
  • Currently studying Msc in Clinical Animal Behaviour

*Provisional Members have demonstrated that they have the appropriate level of Knowledge and Understanding for the professional role of Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CAB). They are now gaining the practical experience necessary to be assessed as a CAB and therefore become a Full Member of the APBC. The APBC supports its Provisional Members undertaking behaviour consultations.

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